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   YONG SOON DEVELOPMENT, the largest privately owned and operated full-service elevator company in Cambodia, has been the preferred vertical solutions provider for hundred of customers since the 19th century. Located in Phnom Penh, YONG SOON Development is the 12th oldest continuously owned and operated company in the Cambodia.We have build since 1999, installing maintenance and service in Cambodia.

   YONG SOON DEVELOPMENT, all staff experience, quality, technology, innovation and aesthetics combined with its unique model of cabinet manufacturing sector will be realized, and reveals a variety of elevator car. Our valued customers and business partners in meeting our requests and demands on the success and experience gained from efforts by industry to meet, to raise the standards of quality and aesthetics continue.

   YONG SOON DEVELOPMENT, industry innovations and more advanced levels, to deliver and to our customers more advanced services started to help ride the elevator industry in each stage to spread and we better serve the aims. YONG SOON Development in this context, the main Companent production and sale of the cabin lift equipment sales and marketing packaged with the industry‚Äôs leading supplier of brand introduced by our esteemed customers.

   YONG SOON DEVELOPMENT in the industry settled the position of the peak reached in order to offer a broad range of products and quality service with a life every moment worthwhile, and the existing beauty of the living standards will increase the new values are revealed and more livable world to contribute for the purpose of the technical staff, sales Trade support and after sales service team and all employees, especially their customers and business partners both domestic and foreign markets to offer the best service and quality principle.

Our Experiences

   The YONG SOON DEVELOPMENT , Elevator Company is an independent business specializing in lift and escalator maintenance, repair and modernization. Providing highly motivated and qualified engineers, we carry out site work in all areas of lift engineering. We are proud of our growing reputation for providing a standard of work which exceeds the industry norm.

New Construction

   YONG SOON DEVELOPMENT installs hundred of new elevator, escalator and accessibility equipment annually. What sets us apart from the competition is more than just having access to the highest quality and most diverse line of new construction products in the industry, but rather our committment to being the best. No matter what size project, YONG SOON Development's new construction division provides architects, contractors and building owners comprehensive vertical lift solutions.

Service Base

   Our service and modernization divisions have earned national recognition from some of the largest property management and elevator consultant's in the industry. We have built a reputation in Cambodia that is second to none when it comes to service, preventative maintenance and response time. Today, new construction and service are supported by a full-time engineering staff Group. No other elevator company in Cambodia has such comprehensive resources, providing customers complete peace-of-mind coverage on any major brand of proprietary and non-proprietary elevator and escalator equipment.


   YONG SOON DEVELOPMENT is one of the first independent lift companies to achieve full compliance with the Cambodia. This ensures that from design and throughout manufacture, installation and commissioning, YONG SOON Development is able to provide high quality lifts incorporating all the latest technology and features in total compliance with current safety and legislative requirements.

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